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Green, Greenwashing & Chemical Sensitivities

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Preventive and Curative Solutions to Indoor Air Pollution

What smells? Why am I sneezing, feeling dizzy or upset in my brand new home or office? Is it the new carpet, the new cabinetry or both? Perhaps it's the paint they just applied. Maybe it's mold growing in the walls or under the floor?

What is that musty smell in my basement or under the sink? It smells funny and is hard to locate, but something is definitely influencing the atmosphere I'm breathing.

Indoor air quality

Indoor air quality is becoming the number one priority in homes, offices, schools, hospitals, public transportation and public buildings. Not only is much of the air we breathe polluted, but many water and electrical systems are also unsafe. Whether you live in a new building or an old one, indoor pollution is common — but fortunately it's also controllable.

Sick building syndrome

Sick building syndrome is a common reaction to various types of pollutants in the air, water or electrical systems of our homes and offices. Nausea, dizziness, headaches and irritability are some of the symptoms of indoor air pollution.

Preventive, curative and alternative solutions

Green Building Supply is pleased to provide Sustainable Solutions to Common Problems. If you don't identify a solution to your problem, please consult one of our Eco-Advisors at 800-405-0222.

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