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Grouts & Grout Sealers

StarQuartz, StarGlass Urethane Grout


Pre-mixed, self-sealing, translucent grout for glass and metal tile

StarGlass Grout combines a round glass bead aggregate with the same urethane grout technology used in QuartzLock Grout, resulting in a truly unique product that enlivens any glass or metal tile. StarGlass actually allows light to pass through the grout itself to provide a three-dimensional, reflective, translucent feeling.

It has all the benefits of a urethane-based grout. Unlike epoxy grout, it's easy to apply and clean up; and unlike a pigment-based grout, it has no risk of incorrect mixing. Best of all, this grout never has to be sealed!

StarGlass comes as a bucket of pre-mixed, ready-to-use grout. Use it with ceramic, porcelain, natural stone tile, and especially with glass and metal tiles. It cures to a hard, self-sealed, semi-elastic finish that is color fast, resistant to chemicals, stains and mildew, and won't shrink or crack. StarGlass won't sag in vertical applications and won't dust. In addition, it's UV-stable, non-allergenic and it stores for months in the bucket.

Why we like it

Finally, a beautiful non-toxic grout made for glass tile that never requires sealing. It has all the advantages of epoxy grout, but is much easier to use and produces more attractive results. Prices are about the same.

Features & benefits

  • High-performance — semi-flexible, non-sag, UV-stable, highly crack-resistant and low-shrinkage
  • Fast installation — installs up to 50% faster than other grouts
  • Superior, durable finish — color-fast, self-sealing and stain-resistant
  • Long open time — 4 hours; won't set before you're finished
  • Easy-to-use — DIY; pre-mixed; water cleanup
  • Aesthetically pleasing — three-dimensional, reflective and translucent
  • Great colors — 15 stunning colors; consistent batch to batch
  • Non-toxic — no BPA as found in epoxy grouts; low-odor
  • Safe — for everyone, including the chemically sensitive; learn how to test a non-toxic product for tolerance
  • Eco-friendly — low VOC; more than 80% recycled content

Alert: Quartz-Lock grout, as delivered, is an encapsulated product in which the sand component (crystalline silica) is bound in a polymer matrix. The sand contained in this product cannot be inhaled under conditions of intended product use

This item description was written by Joel Hirshberg

Installation Read and understand Technical Data Sheet and Material Safety Data Sheet completely before beginning installation. Follow applicable ANSI, TCNA and NTCA installation standards. Always do a test area to ensure product satisfaction, including adhesion to substrate, and/or to become familiar with proper application techniques prior to use. StarGlass Grout requires different installation techniques for successful product use. Please read the following instructions carefully. Preparation for Grouting • DO NOT add any water, liquid, or other material to QuartzLock Grout! This will cause grout failure and void all warranties. • A milky, white liquid may be present on the surface of the grout when opened. This is from normal settling during shipment. Only use a margin trowel to bring grout into suspension. Use of a drill mixer is not recommended as it will introduce excessive air into the product and cause grout sagging on vertical applications, a reduction of color uniformity, and/or other performance issues. Continue to mix with margin trowel throughout the grouting process. • Ensure tile is firmly set and mortar is completely dry (always follow manufacturer's instructions) before grouting. Remove all spacers, water, debris and adhesive from tile joints. • For best results, surface of tile should be at room temperature (70°F to 75°F). Urethane materials are affected by temperature and humidity variations. Cool temperatures and/or high humidity will slow cure time. • To facilitate cleaning, pre-seal all porous tile and natural stone before grouting. • For glass tile, polished marble, stone and other soft surfaces, test grout on a small area to ensure compatibility. • Make sure grout joints are clean, dry, and free from solvents and residue before grouting. Application • Spread grout using a stone float. Work the grout diagonally across the joints, packing them full. • Remove excess grout from the tile surface, pulling the edge of the float diagonally across the joint to prevent grout removal. Grout Cleaning For best results, remove grout haze AS YOU WORK, particularly in warm or dry climates. If working alone, only grout as far as you can reach (arm's length) before initial cleaning. If working as a team, one person should grout, with the other(s) cleaning immediately behind the first person. • Rinse sponge in water and wring out completely. Since urethane grout requires very little water during cleanup, make sure that the sponge is wrung nearly dry. Wipe lightly, leaving sponge flat on the tile surface to prevent grout removal from joints. Excessive water during cleanup can dilute the urethane binder and cause curing issues that may lead to grout failure. • Wipe up spilled water immediately. Do not allow water to sit on grout surface or in ungrouted joints. • Change water mixture after each 100 square feet, for each new bucket of grout, or when dirty. • Check work as you clean. Repair any low spots with additional grout. Unlike other grouts, DO NOT over wash. • Allow cleaned areas to dry, and then inspect tile / stone surface. If a second cleaning is necessary, WAIT 3 hours in low humidity environments and 6 hours in high humidity environments, making sure grout is cured enough to withstand light finger pressure without losing form, then spray BLAZET Urethane Grout Cleaner on a white scrubby DoodlebugT cleaning pad (do not flood the surface with cleaner). Rub the cleaning pad lightly over any remaining urethane haze, allow it to dwell on the tile / stone surface for at least 60 seconds (excessive haze may require direct spray on surface and/or more dwell time) to ensure sufficient penetration. Use a damp sponge and clean water to remove the film and cleaner. Finish by drying the tile surface with a clean towel or cloth. Contact StarQuartz if a persistent haze exists. Installation Requirements • Ensure that joints are well packed. Smaller joints may require extra effort. Failure to fully pack joints may lead to slight discoloration or mottling and delay full color consistency for up to two weeks. • To speed up installation, or for quarry and other porous tile and/or outdoor applications, pre-wet tile surface using clean water with a damp sponge prior to spreading grout, being careful not to leave standing water in the grout joints. • Maintain temperature above 40°F (5°C) during installation and curing. Curing • Protect finished surface from light traffic for at least 24 hours at 70°F (21°C). Heavy foot traffic requires 72 hours at 70°F and 50% relative humidity. See Limitations/Cautions below for further curing requirements. • If needed, cover ONLY with kraft or breathable paper after initial 24-hour curing period. • Full cure depends on grout depth. Normal cure of a ¼” grout joint with a 3/8” thick tile is 28 days. Showers/Steam Showers/Wet Applications • Use an approved waterproof sealer for mud bed applications and follow manufacturer’s recommendations for sealer installation. For liquid-applied waterproofing materials, apply to within 1” of any drains to prevent weep hole blockage. The use of pre-sloped, waterproof trays (instead of mud beds) is highly recommended. • Shower, steam shower, pool, fountain and wet area installations must be protected from moisture and allowed to cure for 7 days before use. Limitations/Cautions • Do not apply or clean up this product like traditional cement-based or epoxy grouts; StarGlass Grout is a new technology that requires a simpler and easier application and clean-up process. • Follow all manufacturers’ instructions for all other setting materials, waterproofing, anti-fracture membranes, etc. to be used on the job. • Minimum recommended grout joint width is 1/16". • Maximum recommended grout joint width is 1/2” for horizontal and 1/4" for vertical applications. • Ensure that grout joints are fully packed, especially in tight and irregular joints. Take special care in all wet and outdoor applications. • Do not use as a setting mortar. • Not for use in heavy industrial applications (i.e. chemical plants), in areas subjected to harsh or persistent chemicals, or areas exposed to very aggressive cleaning routines such as steam or pressure washing. • StarGlass Grout is not a replacement for a waterproofing membrane. When a waterproofing system solution is required, please contact StarQuartz Technical Service. • Protect grout from staining agents and chemicals during the cure process. • Grouting when tile surface is above 90°F (32°C) is not recommended. Cool tile surface with damp sponge if tile surface is above 90°F (32°C). Be careful not to add excessive water during the tile cooling process. • Do not use vinegar or acid solutions for clean-up; this could damage uncured grout. • Always use protective clothing (gloves and eye protection) when working with grout. • Prior to regrouting applications, remove 1/8” of old grout and any surface contaminants. Be sure to rinse any residual solvent/cleaner off grout joints, then allow joints to completely dry before re-grouting. • Do not use for commercial or wet environment re-grouting installations, including showers, steam showers, and outdoor applications. • Seal porous tile and stone surfaces with a water-based sealer, including the sides of the tile and stone, prior to grouting with StarGlass Grout. • Outdoor installations must be protected from moisture (rain) for 7 days. If rain is forecast within 7 days, protect by tenting the grouted area (at least 1 foot above surface). • Not for use in hot tubs. • Wait 7 days before rigorously cleaning tile and grout surface. • Wait 7 days prior to exposing grout to full submersion. • Use care on soft, highly polished surfaces to avoid scratching. Test a small area. Use of a sealer is always recommended on polished marble, stone, slate and other natural, porous tiles. • Use of enzymatic floor cleaners will void all warranties. • Do not ingest. Keep out of the reach of children. • Do not use StarCure® Urethane Grout Cure Accelerator with StarGlass Grout. • Do not use solvent-based adhesives or sealers with StarGlass Grout. • Protect grout from freezing. Do not grout outdoors or in unheated areas when temperatures are expected to be below 40°F (5°C) within 3 days. If product freezes, return to room temperature and use as directed. • For Chemical Emergency, call CHEMTREC 24 hours, (800) 424-9300 in North America, (703) 527-3887 International (collect). • For more information, consult the MSDS for this product. Availability and Cost StarGlass Grout is available at authorized resellers throughout the U.S. and Canada. Contact StarQuartz Industries, Inc. at (866) 220-4500 or for more information. Maintenance StarGlass Grout requires occasional cleaning with water and common grout cleaners. For best stain resistance, always clean up spills immediately. Shelf Life StarGlass Grout is guaranteed to remain suitable for use up to a period of two (2) years if stored unopened at temperatures between 32°F (0°C) and 100°F (38°C). After opening, StarGlass Grout can be saved for reuse if properly resealed in original container (always wipe the pail lip clean prior to resealing to ensure proper seal is achieved with the Vapor-Lock lid). If product freezes, return to room temperature and use as directed. Packaging Available in 9 lb. and 18 lb. units Warranty Click here to see our complete warranty. Applicable Standard StarGlass Grout is a revolutionary new technology which employs state-of-the-art urethane chemistry. As yet, there is no current ANSI or ASTM standard for this technology (ANSI 118.3 pertains only to epoxy grout products); however, for comparative purposes, physical and chemical properties are listed below. Epoxy grouts are hard, brittle and lack flexibility. StarGlass Grout is designed to have the perfect balance of physical properties in order to provide flexibility, strength and adhesion to a variety of materials, making it the best choice for a wide variety of applications. Specifications are subject to change without notice Typical Properties Description Typical Results* Water Cleanability Pass Initial Set >2 hrs Service Strength Pass Vertical Joint Sag Pass ASTM C267 Chemical Pass Compressive Strength >3,500 psi Linear Shrinkage 0.25% Water Absorption <1% Color 15 available *Results shown are typical and reflect test procedures used by the Tile Council of North America (TCNA) for ANSI 118.3 and 118.3 modified. Actual field performance will depend on installation methods, site conditions and other environmental factors.


Residential Finish Wear
Residential Structural
Commercial Finish Wear
Commercial Structural
Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) 
FSC Content
FSC Chain-of-Custody #
LEED® QualificationsIndoor Environmental Quality/4.1 Low-Emitting Materials/Adhesives and Sealants: 1 point, Indoor Environmental Quality/4.2 Low-Emitting Material/ Paints and Coatings: 1 point, Indoor Environmental Quality/5 Indoor Chemical and Pollutant Source Control: 1 point, Materials & Resources/4 Recycled Content: 1 to 2 points, Materials & Resources/5 Regional Materials: 1 to 2 points
LEED® Regional Materials Zip Code
Interior or ExteriorInterior, Exterior
Use On MaterialTile, tile - ceramic, Tile: Glass, Tile: Natural Stone, Tile: Porcelain
Use On
LocationAll Rooms
Eco-replacement forEpoxy Grout
Chemically-sensitive safeYes learn how to test a non-toxic product for tolerance
Test before useYes, test on inconspicuous area
CoverageDepends on tile size and joint width - dowload chart
Square Feet / Box Square Feet
Thickness or Height"
Veneer Cut Thickness
Boxes / Pallet Boxes
Square Feet / Pallet Square Feet
Boards / Box Boards
Pieces / Box Pieces
Weight / Box Pounds
Minimum Order
Old Name
Recycled Content80-89%
Shelf Life 
Use With These Prodcuts
Number of Colors Colors
Carpet Pattern
Coordinating Border
Critical Radiant Flux
Extractable Matter
Face or Pile Weight
General Flammability
Surface Flammability
GSA Classification
Machine Guage
Moth Resistance
Pattern Repeat
Pile Height (High)
Pile Height (Low)
Primary Backing
Resistance to Insect Pests
Roll Length '
Secondary Backing
Smoke Density
Stitches Per Inch
Surface Texture, Construction, Style
Total Height
Total Weight
Traffic Rating
Tufts per Sq. In. Tufts / Sq In
Yarn Construction
Bundles per Pallet Bundles
Bundles per Square 6" Exposure Bundles
Bundles per Square 7" Exposure Bundles
Bundles per Square 7-1/2" Exposure Bundles
Bundles per Square 8" Exposure Bundles
Pounds per Bundle Pounds
Pounds per Pallet Pounds
Pounds per Roll Pounds
Pounds per Square Pounds
Pounds per Square 6" Exposure Pounds
Pounds per Square 7" Exposure Pounds
Pounds per Square 7-1/2" Exposure Pounds
Pounds per Square 8" Exposure Pounds
Lin Feet per Bundle Lin Feet
Lin Feet per Pallet Lin Feet
Rolls per Pallet Rolls
Squares per Roll Squares
Tiles per bundle Tiles
Tiles per Lin Foot Tiles
Finish Type 
Ingredientsdownload Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
VOC ContentZero VOC Grams/Liter
Use On Material - ConditionTile, tile - ceramic, Tile: Glass, Tile: Natural Stone, Tile: Porcelain
Use On Instructions
Application Methodfloat, sponge, trowel
Application Temperature Rangewarmer than 55 ° f
Application Instructionssee pdf
Surface or Product PreperationSurface should be clean, dry and oil free
Recommended # of Coats1
Re-coat Afteras needed
Drying Timeopen time 4 hours, tack free in 8 hours, foot traffic in 24-48 hours, fully cures in 72 hours. Use accelerator in wet or dry applications to speed up cure time
Appearance When Drysatin finish
Cleans Up WithWater, neutral cleaners
StorageStore in cool dry place out of sunlight
Recycling or DisposalDispose of excess product in accordance with all local, state and federal regulations, Do not throw out container unless completely empty. Pour contents onto dry cardboard and let thoroughly dry outdoors. May also be absorbed with cat litter, sand or other dry materials
Bamboo Construction 
Bathroom Installation
Color Change
Construction Description
Finish Sheen 
Floor Item Type
Floor Pattern
Floor Type 
Grade Installation 
Janka Hardness Rating
Joint System
Number of Plys  -Plys
Radiant Heat 
Range of Resistance
Risk in Dry Climates 
Shade (1 Light) - (7 Dark) 
Strips / Plank  -Strips/Plank
Surface Texture 
Surface Treatment 
Surface Treatment Color
Tile Application 
Touch Up Kit
Can be indoor?
Can be outdoor?
Direct Vent?
Energy Factor
Max Gallons Per Minute - GPM
Max BTU's / Hour - BTU's / Hour
Multi Control Capabilities
Temperature Range (with remote)
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StarQuartz, StarGlass Urethane Grout

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