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Marmoleum FAQs

Q: How long will Marmoleum last?

A: This depends upon the amount and type of foot traffic and how it's maintained. If carefully maintained, it should last 30-40 years. No matter how badly it's scratched or abused, Marmoleum is very repairable because it's made of natural materials. Forbo provides excellent care instructions; look for them in our download section of each Marmoleum product.

Q: What if something spills on it?

A: Marmoleum has a durable finish called TopShield that has been impregnated into the surface to protect it from dirt, scuff marks and moisture. Normal water will not absorb into it. In fact, Marmoleum is used in hospitals and schools — including bathrooms — very successfully. Should any moisture sit for a long time without being wiped up, it will not cause changes to the surface.

Q: What if water gets between the Marmoleum Click planks or squares?

A: First of all, this is very difficult as the planks or squares sit so tightly together that it's almost impossible to get past it. However, should this occur, the edges of the HDF core have been saturated with wax to prevent excessive moisture from penetrating into it.

Q: How about a leaky faucet or toilet where the water gets underneath the Marmoleum Click?

A: Should this happen, the cork underlayment will absorb some of the water and eventually dry out. Cork and water get along well, which is one reason it's used on the bottom of each piece. Forbo requires a moisture barrier beneath the cork underlayment to prevent moisture from coming up from the subfloor. Should there be excessive moisture, the planks should be removed in order to dry out the water source and then be re-installed when the moisture problem is solved.

Q: Can Marmoluem handle strong chemicals?

A: Marmoleum is generally very resistant to most commercial cleaning chemicals; however, if there's a concern, testing a small area first is recommended. You can also always call Forbo's tech support line at 1-800-842-7839 if you have further questions.

Q: What if the floor is gouged or badly dented. Can it be repaired?

A: Yes. Find an extra piece of Marmoleum and shave off some very small ultra-fine slivers with a sharp pocket knife. Then add some wood glue that dries clear and mix the two into a paste. Fill the hole with the paste and put some extra over the top. Let it dry overnight. Then with some very fine sandpaper, say 250 or finer aluminum oxide (wet-dry), sand it back down until its flush with the surface. You may also use a white 3M type pad to blend it back into the surrounding area. Finish with some Forbo Floor Finish to create a similar sheen with the rest of the floor. There are more details in the Forbo Maintenance Guide.

Q: Can planks or squares be replaced?

A: Yes. There's a specific procedure for this process that requires some skill and standard installation tools, but it's not that difficult. Please refer to the Marmoleum Click Installation Guide in our download section.

Q: Will Marmoleum fade over time?

A: Yes. UV light has a way of fading all natural materials to a certain extent. Generally, the color will not change more than 5-10% over many years, depending on where it's located in relation to the windows.

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