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Concrete & Masonry Sealers

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Green Building Supply, Penetrating Sealer


Safe, permanent waterproofing sealer for concrete, masonry, stucco or brick

GBS Penetrating Sealer is a waterborne polyester polymer and polyurethane that works best on concrete, brick, stucco and masonry. It waterproofs and preserves in just one application, plus it comes with a 15-year waterproofing warranty. Unlike topical sealers that sit on the surface and rub off with wear and tear, GBS Penetrating Sealer protects from inside the material where it can't wear away. In other words, this sealer actually becomes part of the substrate.

This sealer penetrates two to four inches deep, filling molecular voids to completely solidify the surface. When it dries, it becomes part of the structure. This means there's no room left for water to infiltrate and leak through. In addition, the substrate becomes stronger and lasts longer.

GBS Penetrating Sealer is solvent-free, odorless, non-flammable, non-caustic and very low VOC. Use it on basement walls and floors, garage floors, retaining walls, pool surrounds, brick veneer walls, chimneys, fireplaces, concrete or limestone pavers, driveways, sidewalks, patios, warehouse floors and historical renovations. GBS Penetrating Sealer should not be used in areas constantly under water.

Please note: this product will only perform well if applied correctly. Be sure to read and follow the application instructions. For proper adhesion, the surface to be sealed must be:

  1. Porous
  2. Clean
  3. Free of any other sealers or coatings
  4. Neutral pH — between seven and nine
  5. Dry

Please see the application instructions for details on each of the above steps.

A similar product, GBS Penetrating Gloss Sealer, provides a low-gloss finish.

Why we like it

Whether you want to stop your basement walls or floors from leaking, or you just want your driveway or pool deck to stay clean for years to come, this is the right product for the job. It's completely safe and easy to use.

Features & benefits

  • Permanent waterproofing — becomes part of your material; 15-year warranty
  • Superior durable finish — penetrates in; can't rub off; protects against freeze-thaw
  • Fast-drying — light foot traffic allowed after a few hours
  • Strengthens substrate — extends material life; reduces efflorescence and concrete dusting
  • Easy-to-use — sprays on; no mixing required; water cleanup; pH strips provided
  • Non-toxic — no formaldehyde, ammonia, crystalline silica, ethylene glycol, mildewcides, fungicides, exempt solvents or aromatic hydrocarbons commonly used in sealers
  • Safe — for everyone, including the chemically sensitive; learn how to test a non-toxic product for tolerance
  • Eco-friendly — very low VOC

Alert: This product will only perform well if applied correctly. Be sure to read and follow the application instructions. Please note that it may slightly darken the color of your material. Test first to see how it affects your specific application.

State Nexus Fee may apply
A state nexus fee will be applied to this item if drop shipped to the following states: Florida. We're sorry for the inconvenience. Click here to read more about the state nexus fee.

This item description was written by Joel Hirshberg

QUALITY CONTROL TESTS: Trojan Masonry Sealer has passed nine independently performed quality tests per the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), Australian Standard (AS) and NCHRP specifications. These tests include: ASTM 413 - “Water Absorption of Chemical Resistant Concrete/Masonry” .Tested the effectiveness of Trojan Masonry Sealer in resisting water penetration. Trojan was applied in 1994 on one of Coca Cola Company’s major exposed concrete roof-top parking structures. In 1997, three years after application, Coca Cola hired independent laboratory, H.C. Nutting Company to perform the ASTM 413 test. Test results revealed an “excellent” performance in the waterproofing ability of Trojan as it proved that there was no penetration of water from the core samples of the concrete deck. ASTM C140 - “Masonry Absorption Test for Light Weight Block”. Trojan Masonry Sealer was applied to light weight block and weighed in its dry state. The block was then placed in water for 2 days. Afterwards it was weighed again while still wet. The 2-day test results are as follows: Sample No. Dry Weight Wet Weight Percentage Absorption 1 28.56 LBS. 28.72 LBS. 0.56% 2 28.68 LBS. 28.78 LBS. 0.35% ASTM requires that water absorption cannot exceed 1% after 2 days of immersion. The results prove that Trojan Masonry Sealer far surpassed these requirements. ASTM 123D - “Penetration Test for Nuclear Power Plant, 8000 psi Concrete Pour”. This test was performed by Pittsburgh, Plate and Glass subsidiary, Keeler & Long to determine the penetration of Trojan Masonry Sealer on a Nuclear Plant slab that was 8000 psi pour. Six months after Trojan was applied, the ASTM-123D test was performed by taking two 2” core samples. After diamond sawing the cores in half, the test revealed that the Trojan penetrated 2 inches. As the normal pore for a concrete slab is 3000 to 4000 psi in density, Trojan can easily penetrate 2 to 4 inches on regular concrete. Blue Dye Test - “Blue Dye Absorption Test”. Independent laboratory, H.C. Nutting Company conducted a Blue Dye Test for the Department of Public Works of Cincinnati, Ohio at the Garfield Garage parking deck. Trojan was applied to the concrete surface along with several other sealers. Afterwards, two 1” diameter cores approximately 2” long were extracted from each test site of the concrete parking deck. The objective of the test was to determine to what extent the blue dye was absorbed if any. Trojan was top rated as “excellent” at not allowing the blue dye to penetrate the concrete surface. ASTM 642-82 - “Masonry Absorption Test for Brick”. Independent laboratory, H.C. Nutting Company coated a brick with Trojan Masonry Sealer and then submerged the test brick in water for 48 hours. The objective of the test was to determine water absorption of the brick by establishing its weight when dry before being submerged and again weighing the test brick immediately after its 48 hour water submersion. The results showed no weight increase of the brick after it was taken out of the water, thus proving that Trojan provided total waterproofing of the brick by not allowing water to be absorbed. ASTM C672 - “Scaling Resistance”. Independent laboratory, H.C. Nutting Company completed the scaling resistance test on treated concrete after applying Trojan Masonry Sealer. Test results showed that there was no scaling after 100 weathering cycles (via mechanical brush) on the concrete that was sealed with Trojan as opposed to severe scaling on untreated samples of the concrete. AS 1012.21-1999 - "Water Absorption of Hardened Concrete". Determination of water absorption and apparent volume of permeable voids in hardened concrete. Trojan Masonry Sealer passed this standard by not allowing water absorption. NCHRP 244 – Cube Test – “Accelerated Weathering Test”. Trojan Masonry Sealer surpassed the standard of not exceeding 25% of untreated cube absorbed chloride. NCHRP 244 – Southern Exposure – “Chloride Ion Penetration Test”. Trojan Masonry Sealer did not allow chloride penetration and thus passed absorbed chloride requirements not to exceed 10% of untreated concrete.


Residential Finish Wear
Residential Structural
Commercial Finish Wear
Commercial Structural
Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) 
FSC Content
FSC Chain-of-Custody #
LEED® Qualifications 
LEED® Regional Materials Zip Code
Interior or ExteriorInterior, Exterior
Use On MaterialBlock, Brick, Concrete, Concrete: Unsealed, Masonry: Unsealed, Stone, Stucco, Tile: Unglazed
Use On
LocationAll Rooms
Eco-replacement forSealers
Chemically-sensitive safeYes learn how to test a non-toxic product for tolerance
Test before useNo, test on inconspicuous area
Coverage4-Ounce = 6 SF
1-Gallon = 200 SF
5-Gallon = 1,000 SF
55-Gallon = 11,000 SF
Square Feet / Box Square Feet
Thickness or Height"
Veneer Cut Thickness
Boxes / Pallet Boxes
Square Feet / Pallet Square Feet
Boards / Box Boards
Pieces / Box Pieces
Weight / Box Pounds
Minimum Order
Old Name
Recycled Content
Shelf Life 
Use With These Prodcuts
Number of Colors Colors
Carpet Pattern
Coordinating Border
Critical Radiant Flux
Extractable Matter
Face or Pile Weight
General Flammability
Surface Flammability
GSA Classification
Machine Guage
Moth Resistance
Pattern Repeat
Pile Height (High)
Pile Height (Low)
Primary Backing
Resistance to Insect Pests
Roll Length '
Secondary Backing
Smoke Density
Stitches Per Inch
Surface Texture, Construction, Style
Total Height
Total Weight
Traffic Rating
Tufts per Sq. In. Tufts / Sq In
Yarn Construction
Bundles per Pallet Bundles
Bundles per Square 6" Exposure Bundles
Bundles per Square 7" Exposure Bundles
Bundles per Square 7-1/2" Exposure Bundles
Bundles per Square 8" Exposure Bundles
Pounds per Bundle Pounds
Pounds per Pallet Pounds
Pounds per Roll Pounds
Pounds per Square Pounds
Pounds per Square 6" Exposure Pounds
Pounds per Square 7" Exposure Pounds
Pounds per Square 7-1/2" Exposure Pounds
Pounds per Square 8" Exposure Pounds
Lin Feet per Bundle Lin Feet
Lin Feet per Pallet Lin Feet
Rolls per Pallet Rolls
Squares per Roll Squares
Tiles per bundle Tiles
Tiles per Lin Foot Tiles
Finish Type 
Ingredientsdownload Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
VOC Content13.63 grams/liter Grams/Liter
Use On Material - ConditionBlock, Brick, Concrete, Concrete: Unsealed, Masonry: Unsealed, Stone, Stucco, Tile: Unglazed
Use On Instructions
Application Methodbrush, roller, sponge, spray is best
Application Temperature Rangewarmer than 55 ° f
Application InstructionsSurface should be Clean, Dry, Neutral pH, Absorbant. Test BEFORE applying. Power-troweled surfaces may not absorb well and should be etched with Micro-Etch. 1. Use a low pressure sprayer (Hudson type) or any sprayer operated at no more than 20 psi. Spray on with low pressure sprayer and back roll any puddles into a dry area with a low nap paint roller. The goal is to saturate the surface with ONE COAT. Note: If concrete was power troweled, then penetration could be much slower. GBS Penetrating Sealer covers approximately 200 square feet per gallon depending upon porosity. 2. Ideally you will work with two people. One spraying and one using paint roller to spread out excess. Clean roller or brush with soap and water. 3. Area may be opened to reasonable foot traffic after a few hours of dry time or when new concrete has hardened sufficiently. 4. Allow 6 to 7 days for completion of penetration/curing process. 5. If you are using GBS Penetraing Sealer before painting, allow-dry a minimum of three days prior to the application of paint. GBS Penetrating Sealer will waterproof the surface so well that non-moisture resistant paints (such as but not limited to latex) should NOT be used. Use only good quality moisture-resistant paint such as 100% acrylic or oil based paint. Note: GBS Penetrating Sealer will not harm glass, aluminum, metal, plants or aquatic life. If GBS Penetrating Sealer gets on glass, rinse off so it doesnt dry. Not recommended for painted stucco (unpainted is fine) and submerged areas in pools or ponds.
Surface or Product PreperationAlways test GBS Penetrating Sealer in a small inconspicuous location first. When in doubt, call us at 800-405-0222. FOUR Surface Requirements BEFORE Applying: 1) Porous 2) Clean 3) Dry 4) Neutral pH I POROUS Porous means it should be able to soak in. If there are sealers or adhesives on the surface they will disallow absorption. If the surface has been highly power-troweled it will also make the surface so dense that water will not soak in easily. How to Test? Place a few drops of water onto the surface and see if it beads up or soaks in. If it soaks in, then the surface is porous and GBS Penetrating Sealer will also soak in. Nothing need be done except to make sure it is clean, dry and have a neutral pH. See #2 and #3 below. If, however it beads up and does not soak in for about an hour, then there is either something on the surface or it has been power-troweled. If powertroweled, use our GBS MicroEtch product to open the pores without toxic chemicals. Do NOT acid etch. Or you can grind with a surface grinder that can be rented from most rental stores. If there is latex paint, adhesives, or other acrylic sealers on the surface we recommend our GBS Industrial Strength Cleaner (If it is unknown what type of sealer was used, we recommend purchasing a test sample of the cleaner as some sealers cannot be chemically removed). If efflorescence (white powder), rust stains, red clay stains appear on the surface, use our GBS 4-in-1 Cleaner(For outdoor use only). If mold, mildew or algae, then we recommend our GBS Mold, Mildew and Algae Cleaner. (For outdoor use only). II CLEAN Clean means washed with a neutral pH detergent and then dried thoroughly. Ideally use a 3000 psi pressure washer. If you are indoors, this may be difficult so use a damp mop instead. If you have used a cleaner mentioned above or any other strong cleaner you should wash at least twice and rinse at least three times. Then dry well. III DRY Use fans, heat, open windows or a shop vac to remove all water. If there is any water, it will prevent the sealer from soaking in. If it is humid,cold or damp, this could take longer. Be patient. Even if it appears dry on the surface, moisture may still be inside the concrete. There are moisture meters you could use to test but if you wait at least two days during warm weather or three days during cool weather it should be fine. NOTE: New concrete, even though appearing dry, is still very wet inside. Therefore, you should wait a minimum of 14 days until it has dried inside. This can be accelerated with heat, fans and good ventilation. IV NEUTRAL pH New concrete has a high pH. It needs to be in the 7-9 range to work well with our sealers. No higher, no lower. We provide litmus paper so you can test in several areas. Be sure to use distilled water with the litmus test. What to do if the pH is still high after testing? Concrete less than one year old is often still high in pH. If so, you can use our GBS pH Reducer. This will bring the pH down to acceptable levels with a few hours. Then it should be washed off as explained in #2 above. Note: If you need to open the pores due to power troweled surface then our GBS Micro Etch product is sufficient. You don't need both products.
Recommended # of Coats1 saturating coat
Re-coat Afternone
Drying Time1 hour to dry and 1 month to fully cure inside the concrete
Appearance When Dryclear matte
Cleans Up Withneutral cleaners
StorageStore in cool dry place out of sunlight
Recycling or DisposalDispose of excess product in accordance with all local, state and federal regulations, Do not throw out container unless completely empty. Pour contents onto dry cardboard and let thoroughly dry outdoors. May also be absorbed with cat litter, sand or other dry materials
Bamboo Construction 
Bathroom Installation
Color Change
Construction Description
Finish Sheen 
Floor Item Type
Floor Pattern
Floor Type 
Grade Installation 
Janka Hardness Rating
Joint System
Number of Plys  -Plys
Radiant Heat 
Range of Resistance
Risk in Dry Climates 
Shade (1 Light) - (7 Dark) 
Strips / Plank  -Strips/Plank
Surface Texture 
Surface Treatment 
Surface Treatment Color
Tile Application 
Touch Up Kit
Can be indoor?
Can be outdoor?
Direct Vent?
Energy Factor
Max Gallons Per Minute - GPM
Max BTU's / Hour - BTU's / Hour
Multi Control Capabilities
Temperature Range (with remote)
PHYSICAL CONSTANTS: * State: Liquid * Vapor Pressure: (Air + 1) - N/A * Solubility in Water: Dilutable * Boiling Point: 100 degrees Celsius / 212 degrees Fahrenheit * Freezing Point: 0 degrees Celsius / 32 degrees Fahrenheit Water * Specific Gravity: (Water=1) - 1.10 @ 20 degrees Celsius * Evaporation Rate: (BAC=1) - Same as Water * Percent Solids by Weight: 13% * pH: 6.8 * Volatile Organic Compounds: 11.67 G/L APPLICATION: Method: Spray on using low pressure sprayer Theoretical Coverage: 200 square feet per gallon Application Instructions: See Product Data Sheets (PDS) SHIPPING & STORAGE Container Type: 1 Gallon * 5 Gallon Pail * 55 Gallon Drum Shipping Weight: 9.4 lbs. * 46 lbs. * 496 lbs. Average Shelf Life: 12 months minimum from date of manufacture when maintained in protected storage. Storage at 40-90 degrees Fahrenheit

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Green Building Supply, Penetrating Sealer

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Green Building Supply, Penetrating Sealer

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