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Air Purification

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Royal Air, Aranizer Knight Series


Product Discontinued or No Longer Available

We're sorry, but this product is either discontinued or is no longer available.

The best, most powerful air purifier that penetrates everywhere

The Aranizer Knight Series by Royal Air purifies the air by oxidizing all airborne or surface pollutants literally within a few minutes to make your environment cleaner and healthier. The Aranizer creates Aran, a special high-level form of activated oxygen, similar to the purifying effect a lightning bolt has on the air surrounding it when it bursts from the sky. The Aranizer is 10x more effective than most ozone machines, yet produces no toxic and damaging nitrous oxides.

Unlike most air purifiers that suck some pollutants into a filter, the Aranizer oxidizes dust, pollen, mold, mildew, smoke, pet and cooking odors, chemical fumes and toxic gases; it also kills viruses and bacteria in the air and on surfaces — all within a few short minutes. In other words, the pollutants are instantly killed or inactivated and, if airborne, fall to the ground where they can be easily vacuumed.

More importantly, the Aranizer penetrates into areas where other air purifiers with filters can't reach such as behind walls, under furniture, inside and under carpeting, inside upholstered furniture, in crawl spaces and in attics.

Models of the Aranizer Knight Series are portable from room to room. The models in the Aranizer HVAC Series are installed directly into the duct system.

NOTE: Due to popular demand, especially after hurricanes and floods, there may be longer lead times up to two weeks.

Why we like it

This is our favorite air purifier because it immediately makes a big difference in the indoor air quality. No other air purifier even comes close. The Aranizer penetrates deep into areas behind walls and under furniture, and removes all those nasty things you don't even want to think about.

Contrary to some opinions, the Aranizer does not cause health issues. We've used one for 10 years with only good effects and have supplied them to hundreds of people with allergies and chemical sensitivities, also with no ill effects. Please call us if you have questions.

Features & benefits

  • Highly effective — removes and kills all contaminates quickly and thoroughly
  • Freshens the air — actually improves indoor air quality rather than just blowing air around
  • Infiltrates everywhere — there is virtually no place for pollutants to hide
  • Easy-to-use — simply plug into an outlet and turn up or down as needed
  • Several models — covers from 216 to 2,304 square feet
  • Portable — weighs 10-18 pounds
  • Durable — stainless steel casing and high quality components
  • Zero maintenance — no costly filters to replace, no moving parts, no liquids, no tubes to clean
  • Low-cost operation — can be used 24/7 for only pennies a day
  • Long-lasting — comes with a 4-year warranty
  • Versatile — use in attics, basements, garages, storage rooms, bars, beauty salons, nail salons, pet stores, offices, restaurants, waiting rooms, etc.

Alert: For those with allergies, lung issues or chemical sensitivities, this product will not harm you. However, if you don't wish to breathe it, or simply don't like the sharp fresh smell, we suggest you run this machine when you leave your home and turn it off when you return. The smell dissipates within 5-10 minutes. The same advice if you don't like the faint buzz.

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This item description was written by Joel Hirshberg


Warranties4 Years all models
Residential Finish Wear
Residential Structural
Commercial Finish Wear
Commercial Structural
Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) 
FSC Content
FSC Chain-of-Custody #
LEED® Qualifications 
LEED® Regional Materials Zip Code
Interior or ExteriorInterior
Use On Material 
Use On
LocationAll Rooms
Eco-replacement for 
Chemically-sensitive safeYes learn how to test a non-toxic product for tolerance
Test before use, test on inconspicuous area
Coverage (1 Coat)Average in Square Feet: Squire-216, Cavalier-408, Knight-720, Champion-1536, Hero-2304
Square Feet / Box Square Feet
Thickness or Height4.5"
Veneer Cut Thickness
Boxes / Pallet Boxes
Square Feet / Pallet Square Feet
Boards / Box Boards
Pieces / Box Pieces
Weight / BoxSquire-10 Pounds
Cavalier-11 Pounds
Knight-13 Pounds
Champion-13 Pounds
Minimum Order
Old Name
Recycled Content
Shelf Life 
Use With These Prodcuts
Number of Colors Colors
Carpet Pattern
Coordinating Border
Critical Radiant Flux
Extractable Matter
Face or Pile Weight
General Flammability
Surface Flammability
GSA Classification
Machine Guage
Moth Resistance
Pattern Repeat
Pile Height (High)
Pile Height (Low)
Primary Backing
Resistance to Insect Pests
Roll Length '
Secondary Backing
Smoke Density
Stitches Per Inch
Surface Texture, Construction, Style
Total Height
Total Weight
Traffic Rating
Tufts per Sq. In. Tufts / Sq In
Yarn Construction
Bundles per Pallet Bundles
Bundles per Square 6" Exposure Bundles
Bundles per Square 7" Exposure Bundles
Bundles per Square 7-1/2" Exposure Bundles
Bundles per Square 8" Exposure Bundles
Pounds per Bundle Pounds
Pounds per Pallet Pounds
Pounds per Roll Pounds
Pounds per Square Pounds
Pounds per Square 6" Exposure Pounds
Pounds per Square 7" Exposure Pounds
Pounds per Square 7-1/2" Exposure Pounds
Pounds per Square 8" Exposure Pounds
Lin Feet per Bundle Lin Feet
Lin Feet per Pallet Lin Feet
Rolls per Pallet Rolls
Squares per Roll Squares
Tiles per bundle Tiles
Tiles per Lin Foot Tiles
Finish Type 
VOC Content Grams/Liter
Use On Material - Condition 
Application Method 
Application Temperature Range
Application Instructions
Surface or Product Preperation
Recommended # of Coats
Re-coat After 
Drying Time
Appearance When Dry
Cleans Up With 
Recycling or Disposal 
Bamboo Construction 
Bathroom Installation
Color Change
Construction Description
Finish Sheen 
Floor Item Type
Floor Pattern
Floor Type 
Grade Installation 
Janka Hardness Rating
Joint System
Number of Plys  -Plys
Radiant Heat 
Range of Resistance
Risk in Dry Climates 
Shade (1 Light) - (7 Dark) 
Strips / Plank  -Strips/Plank
Surface Texture 
Surface Treatment 
Surface Treatment Color
Tile Application 
Touch Up Kit
Can be indoor?
Can be outdoor?
Direct Vent?
Energy Factor
Max Gallons Per Minute - GPM
Max BTU's / Hour - BTU's / Hour
Multi Control Capabilities
Temperature Range (with remote)
Life Hrs
Input Wattage W
Delivered Lumens lm
Efficacy lm/W
Color Temperature K
Color Rendering Index (CRI)
Equivalent Wattage W
Energy Savings
Additional Information
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Royal Air, Aranizer Knight Series

Air purifier destroys pollutants, bacteria, mold spores, pet dander in the air and on and under any surfaces inside your home

Royal Air, Aranizer Knight Series

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