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EcoStar, Majestic Slate Roof Tiles


Authentic slate-looking recycled rubber tiles

EcoStar's Majestic Slate emulates the look, feel and longevity of natural slate. It is substantially lighter in weight than slate, concrete and metal roofing, and is produced using some of today’s strongest, most flexible materials, including recycled rubber (EPDM) and plastic (TPO).

Manufactured in the USA, Majestic Slate provides enhanced resistance to harsh weather conditions including wind, driving rain and hail. An economical roofing choice, Majestic Slate requires no special structural engineering and is easy to install, making the installed cost considerably less than natural slate and clay or concrete tile.

Majestic Slate lasts as long or longer than metal, clay tile, slate or concrete roofing and has a warranty to back it up. It is also more durable than these other roofing materials in terms of resistance to freeze-thaw, denting from hail and breakage from falling trees or from working on its surface. Repairs, although rarely needed, are far easier and less expensive.

NOTE: must be applied in temperatures of 45 degrees or higher

Roofing is a major investment in comfort and safety and should be considered carefully for its short and long term performance and cost. In a world of diminishing resources, Majestic Slate offers a strong and attractive roofing system with a low carbon footprint, while also supporting the use of recycled building products.

Hip and Ridge tiles: see Accessories tab above

How to calculate prices: First go to Specs tab above. Choose exposure level, 6" or 7". That will tell you how many bundles per square (100SF). Then go to Add to Cart on right hand margin and enter number of bundles and other details. Pls call 800-405-0222 for assistance.

Why we like it

If you're thinking about clay tile, slate, concrete or metal roofing, talk to your neighbors first to find out the truth about actual costs of installation and repair — if they'll admit it to you. Don't forget the extra costs of structural engineering, rubber membranes and highly skilled labor. Working on a traditional slalte, concrete or metal roof to repair a fallen tree or to install a solar panel, chimney or satellite dish is not only risky but very expensive as well.

Recycled rubber tile is virtually indestructible and impervious to the elements, plus it looks just like real slate. It requires no special engineering and installs with less expensive labor. Working on this roof to repair damages is far less risky and results in less damage to the trades-person and to the roof.

Features & benefits

  • Durable — resists freeze-thaw, denting and decay; Class 4 impact resistance
  • Flexible warranty — available with either a 70-mph or 110-mph wind warranty
  • Fire-safe — Available in Class C or Class A fire rating; may reduce insurance costs
  • Long-lasting —available with a 50-year Gold Star or Limited Materials Warranty
  • Authentic appearance — premium grade; 11 natural slate-like colors in four different styles (square, beaver tail, beveled edge, or chisel point) colors and styles may be blended -- see blending pdf on right margin.
  • 10" or 12" wide x 18" long — may be installed to reveal either 6" or 7"
  • Eco-friendly — made in the USA from 80% post-industrial recycled rubber and plastic; lower carbon footprint


NOTE: must be applied in temperatures of 45 degrees or higher

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This item description was written by Joel Hirshberg

Add Intro: Make a statement in your neighborhood, and let the irresistible charm of EcoStar™ tiles entice endless possibilities. Whether you prefer a conservative or modern architectural style, the variety of EcoStar profile and color pallets allow home and business owners to express their creative side. EcoStar's goal is to provide high quality, competitively priced premium steep slope roofing products using rubber & plastics technology as their base. They will continually strive to enhance their product offerings, accessory products and full system capabilities. Why Choose EcoStar? EcoStar products are all sustainable building products made from recycled rubber and plastic EcoStar products are tested and proven for fire, hail, wind and rain. EcoStar Majestic Slate™ and Majestic Slate Class A™ all have substantially lower installed costs than traditional slate. EcoStar products are lightweight products that do not require special engineering. EcoStar™ is a US based company that stands behind its products and warranties. EcoStar offers a full customer service department to facilitate sales, service and follow-through. EcoStar has a 50 year transferable warranty available. EcoStar weighs less than natural slate and requires only normal installation materials EcoStar reduces post-industrial waste in landfills The beauty of EcoStar accompanied by the trust of a comprehensive Gold Star Warranty is one reason why homeowners have one less thing to worry about. EcoStar’s reliable protection encompasses every component of the EcoStar roof, including the underlayments, fasteners, ridge vent and even the installation. With a trained network of Gold Star-certified contractors, the company is fully committed to providing a complete quality roof. GoldStar Warranty Add tile details: Traditional Style Tile size: 10" or 12" wide x 18" long 25 Tiles per bundle Curb appeal is everything when it comes to the look of your home, but protection from the elements must be a priority. Majestic Slate offers both beauty and protection for your life style. Technical Information • UL Listed Class A Fire resistance (UL 790) available--please call for quotes. • UL listed Class C Fire resistance (UL 790) prices shown below. • Class 4 Impact Resistance UL listed (UL 2218) • Nail pull through ASTM D3163 • Prolonged UV Exposure ASTM G26-95 • 110-mph wind warranty available • 50-year product warranty available * one square = 100 square feet Approximate Bundles per Square: 7" Installation 6" Installation 12" Tiles 6.88 8 10" Tiles 7.96 9.24


Warranties50 year
Residential Finish Wear
Residential Structural
Commercial Finish Wear
Commercial Structural
Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) 
FSC Content
FSC Chain-of-Custody #
LEED® QualificationsMR Credit 2 - Construct Waste mgt, MR Credit 3 - Materials Reuse, MR Credit 4 - Recycled Content, MR Credit 5 - Regional Materials
LEED® Regional Materials Zip Code
Interior or ExteriorExterior
Use On MaterialRoofs
Use On
Eco-replacement forRoofing
Chemically-sensitive safeYes learn how to test a non-toxic product for tolerance
Test before useNo, test on inconspicuous area
Coverage (1 Coat)
Square Feet / Box Square Feet
Thickness or Height1/4"
Veneer Cut Thickness
Width10 or 12"
Boxes / Pallet Boxes
Square Feet / Pallet Square Feet
Boards / Box Boards
Pieces / Box Pieces
Weight / Box Pounds
Minimum Order
Old Name
Recycled Content80-89%
Shelf Life 
Use With These Prodcuts
Number of Colors Colors
Carpet Pattern
Coordinating Border
Critical Radiant Flux
Extractable Matter
Face or Pile Weight
General Flammability
Surface Flammability
GSA Classification
Machine Guage
Moth Resistance
Pattern Repeat
Pile Height (High)
Pile Height (Low)
Primary Backing
Resistance to Insect Pests
Roll Length '
Secondary Backing
Smoke Density
Stitches Per Inch
Surface Texture, Construction, Style
Total Height
Total Weight
Traffic Rating
Tufts per Sq. In. Tufts / Sq In
Yarn Construction
Bundles per Pallet56 Bundles
Bundles per Square 6" Exposure8 Bundles
Bundles per Square 7" Exposure6.88 Bundles
Bundles per Square 7-1/2" Exposure Bundles
Bundles per Square 8" Exposure Bundles
Pounds per Bundle40 Pounds
Pounds per Pallet2240 Pounds
Pounds per Roll Pounds
Pounds per Square Pounds
Pounds per Square 6" Exposure320 Pounds
Pounds per Square 7" Exposure275 Pounds
Pounds per Square 7-1/2" Exposure Pounds
Pounds per Square 8" Exposure Pounds
Lin Feet per Bundle Lin Feet
Lin Feet per Pallet Lin Feet
Rolls per Pallet Rolls
Squares per Roll Squares
Tiles per bundle25 Tiles
Tiles per Lin Foot Tiles
Finish Type 
VOC Content Grams/Liter
Use On Material - ConditionRoofs
Application Method 
Application Temperature Range
Application Instructions
Surface or Product Preperation
Recommended # of Coats
Re-coat After 
Drying Time
Appearance When Dry
Cleans Up With 
Recycling or Disposal 
Bamboo Construction 
Bathroom Installation
Color Change
Construction Description
Finish Sheen 
Floor Item Type
Floor Pattern
Floor Type 
Grade Installation 
Janka Hardness Rating
Joint System
Number of Plys  -Plys
Radiant Heat 
Range of Resistance
Risk in Dry Climates 
Shade (1 Light) - (7 Dark) 
Strips / Plank  -Strips/Plank
Surface Texture 
Surface Treatment 
Surface Treatment Color
Tile Application 
Touch Up Kit
Can be indoor?
Can be outdoor?
Direct Vent?
Energy Factor
Max Gallons Per Minute - GPM
Max BTU's / Hour - BTU's / Hour
Multi Control Capabilities
Temperature Range (with remote)
Life Hrs
Input Wattage W
Delivered Lumens lm
Efficacy lm/W
Color Temperature K
Color Rendering Index (CRI)
Equivalent Wattage W
Energy Savings
Additional Information
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EcoStar, Majestic Slate Roof Tiles

High quality, durable and colorful steep-slope recycled rubber and plastic slate-like roofing tiles

EcoStar, Majestic Slate Roof Tiles

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